Miriam Solis
August 30th, 2016

Originally from Orange County, California, Miriam gained her first exposure to the hospitality industry almost ten years ago after moving to Las Vegas as a means to earn some extra money while finishing high school. Since starting as a restaurant hostess, Miriam has been able to continually learn and grow until she found her passion as a bartender in 2011. As a bartender, Miriam relishes in the opportunity to interact with her guests, as well as tap into her creative side building a cocktail that her guests will love.

“When a guest says make me something and I place the cocktail in front of them to try it and they say, “I love it, this is amazing’. That’s the part that I love most.” Working at 3535, Miriam has been able to continually interact wit guests from all over the world serving from an infusion based menu that does nothing short of wowing her guests. She gets excited being able to use the infusions as inspiration for a unique specialty drink that can easily be the high point to anybody’s trip to Vegas.

Crafting speciality cocktails has grown from a task to a labor of love for Miriam Solis, she continues to leap at opportunities to refine her skills and perfect her next unique libation.