Forget what you know… Reinventing Classic Cocktails
August 30th, 2016

DIAGEO Panel Discussion

Rivea at Delano, Friday February 12, 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM.

Mixology culture is reintroducing consumers to classic cocktails like the Harvey Wall Banger, Old Fashioned, The Manhattan, French 75 & Boulevardier.

As we explore the complexities of our spirits, we find that the traditional views of Vodka, Rum & Tequila are being stretched and challenged. So… forget what you know and let’s take a look at a modern version of some contemporary recipes.

Our panelists will be discussing how consumers today are looking for a greater experience, a hint of the past and a way to deem it their own.

We have Ron Zacapa taking the place of whiskey and tequila in particular cocktails.

Ketel One Oranje in lieu of rum in Mojitos and Don Julio Reposado giving an Old Fashioned a young new flavor.

Ambassadors will have pre batched cocktails to sample to the crowd. Discussion of how/why these traditional spirits have found new homes in classic drinks. Ticketing can be found here.


Dave Herlong – Ketel One

Sam Bracamontes – Don Julio

Robert Pallone – Ron Zacapa